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Welcome to Celeste Witch. In this game you play as a young witch named Celeste, on a quest to save your girlfriend from the clutches of darkness itself! Utilize four distinct weapon types to take down baddies and traverse distinct, vivid levels.

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    Celeste's girlfriend Casey has been abducted by dark forces. It's up to Celeste to track her down and save her! Along the way Celeste is bound to run into powerful beings, most of which have already pledged their loyalty to the darkness. Saving Casey isn't going to be easy, but it will be fun.


    W/A/S/D      -    Move

    J                        -    Standard Pea-shooter

    K                       -    Spread Shot / Select

    L                        -    Heavy Mine

    ;                         -    Orbiting Bubbles    

    Esc                  -    Pause Game


Celeste Witch.zip 131 MB

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